Frequently Asked Questions

We offer options to suit most budgets, from our starter options at $750, up to however much you like. As packages increase, the less individually prints become, plus additional bonus gifts are included. 

Fine-Art matted print collections range from $750 for x3, upwards to $3495 for x25 favourites. The more you purchase, the less each portrait is individually and added gifts and bonuses apply.

Albums range from $2000 upwards, they are fully customised and printed on the highest quality fine art papers. 

Wall ART ranges from $750 upwards, ready to hang. Finishes include, framing, canvas, wood mount, metal or acrylic. Purchase more than one in a multiple portrait series or collage for bonus savings.

Every portrait purchased comes with the matching retouched printable digital file at the same size as you have purchased. Perfect for gifts for family and friends. Invest $2995+ and receive ALL your session digital files.

Our weekday session fee is $100, Saturday’s are $155, for one immediate family. Larger family groups and location fees can be discussed and the fee may vary depending on location and time required. 

We offer a special rate of $175 for a Pregnancy and NB Studio sessions combo.

In order to book your Portrait session we require payment at the time of booking to confirm and hold your appointment. 

This session fee is for professional time and expertise in taking your portraits, pre-consultation either over the phone or in the Studio, time spent in post production afterwards editing, designing and creating a show for you to view at your Purchasing appointment. 

It includes the use of any Studio garments and props, it does not include any photographic prints or digital files. 

This is only refundable within 48 hours of making the initial payment, before the session has taken place.

Typically, the following times are generous and allow for discussion, creativity and fun. The time is set aside for you only.

  • Pregnancy: Your Pregnancy portrait session experience is over 30-90 mins, depending on how many looks you are wanting.

I do not want to rush you and want you to enjoy the experience whilst I create beautiful, flattering images. 

  • Newborn: please allow up to 2 hours, occasionally more, I require this time to create the beautiful images I am known for, as babies cannot be rushed and often need feeding, nappy changes and settling which all takes time.  
  • Young Children & Family: Selecting a session time is important, I recommend mornings for children younger than 5yrs. With over 27yrs experience I acknowledge kids are generally a lot happier to participate and engage in the mornings and session times usually start at 9.30am-10am or 11 30am. Allowing an hour and a half is generally perfect, I like to work quickly with kids of this age so everyone has a fun experience, but this generous time allows also for breaks, chat and giggles.
  • Older kids and Family: I always allow 1.5 hours, but we often do not require this time. I like to work at a pace comfortable for the kids, where they enjoy the experience as do their parents.
  • Extended Family: usually 1-2 hours is the usual time required for the larger group and combinations to be photographed. Depending on the age of the children, this time will vary.
  • Headshots: this varies with requirements and best discussed. For a single headshot at the Studio, please allow one hour for the photo shoot and selection time. A Folio or Branding session my take 2 hours to half a day or more.

This is the best option, as kids cannot fake happiness. If they are unwell, they look unwell and you will not be happy with the results. As soon as you know your child is unwell, please phone us to reschedule to a later date. This also allows us to offer the time to another family if the situation arises.

I have a gorgeous range of Maternity gowns.

Ranging from figure-hugging to semi-nude, to flouncy and fancy or Boho. I also have a range of matching mummy and me dresses for Mother and Daughter portraits.

Or you may prefer my specialty, the gorgeous nude silhouettes. 

If you have a strapless bra in nude and black, please bring those, otherwise, we have ones that fit most.

Whatever is your preferred look and style or perhaps you wish to wear a few, I am always happy to discuss.

I recommend you have your hair styled by your hairdresser, we do not do hair.

We do however, have a makeup room and offer this service -subject to availability prior to your session. Check out @makeupbymillieo on Instagram, clients who have used her services have been thrilled with the results. You can be as natural or glam as you like. Her rates are very reasonable, please ask. This must be pre-booked.

We have a beautiful range of Newborn pieces and accessories that you are welcome to use, or please bring anything you have that may be suitable. Usually little hands and feet uncovered is super cute. 

The Studio is warmed so babies can be wearing very little if you prefer. We have wraps etc too, but you most likely also have some great options, perhaps a special blanket that someone has lovingly knitted for you which adds meaning to the photos.

Bring bottles etc to feed your baby if you are not breastfeeding and nappy requirements, we always have some spare nappies here. 

If you are bringing other children, as the session can be long, please bring them a healthy snack box, full tummy, happy toddler or child.

Clothing for yourself for in the photos, please refer below. My Pregnancy session dresses also work well for this session.

Consider the type of session your are having and the looks you prefer.

Are you more are casual, formal, or perhaps have traditional garments.

Generally keeping it simple works well.

Select clothing you feel great in and would like to wear and match your family around this.

Lay all the clothing on the bed, does it work well together? Does anything clash? Generally 3 complementary tones work well together, the occasional pattern is ok, but make sure it does not steal the show….unless of course you wish to! ;)

AVOID a miss match of patterns, this will become the focus of the photos rather than you.

The following links will help guide you further.

Follow the ideas above, or we do have some gorgeous accessories and clothing for girls and boys between the ages of 0-8years available for use. Please ask further when we chat.

Yes of course! Our dogs are family after all. We have photographed x3 Pet Books under our sister brand and raised $22,000 for animal charities in the process.

Our Outdoor Studio is perfect for dogs off lead, it is safe, secure and they enjoy sniffing around, plus it is great to include them in your family portrait.


We are located in a home based Studio in a lovely leafy street in Northcote. The street is generally quiet and it is easy to park out front or close by. We have had the Studio here since 1995 and recently did a total refurb during COVID lockdown in 2020. We are close to Fairfield station, on the Hurstbridge line, if using public transport.

We have 2 unique options all at one location!

We offer both an Indoor Studio with state of the art lighting, and a purpose built Outdoor Studio that has been revamped several times since it’s first build 27+years ago! Full of rustic backdrops, it is weather and light dependent, changes with the seasons and is secluded from passers by and secure making it very suitable for dogs off lead.

I also photograph on location, and travel to places important to your family, such as you’re home, the beach or farm. I am happy to travel to the right place for your photos…….just ask.

I have no set number, I take whatever is required or possible to have great options for you to select from. We chat about what you want and I photograph to achieve that, and along the way we might see opportunities and will photograph them as they happen. Children have a limitation, and they generally let us know when it’s enough as they get tired. Generally the range is between 30-80 photos depending on the type of session

Of course you do! I want to know what you like and what you wish to have as a result of your photos session. We are planning the whole time for a final result, what you would like to display in your home, where and how. So please, tell me what you are after and wanting.

Depending on both your and my schedules, it can be anywhere from 2 days to the following week when we make the appointment for you to return to the Studio to view, select and purchase your portraits.

Your portraits are projected large in a cinematic experience at the Studio. Any ideas we have discussed, for example wall series, collages, or Albums can be pre-prepared as design ideas for you which helps greatly with deciding on what you would like. I will help guide you through the process, you choose the photos you love and I can offer suggestions on how best they can be displayed to suit your home decor.

I offer a virtual viewing, where you can provide me with images of your wall spaces (I provide instructions on how to do this, it is easy) and at the viewing appointment, you can see your portraits on your walls at true sizes! Customers find this incredible and so helpful in selecting the perfect sizes for their home.

We allocate 1.5 hours and find this is the perfect amount of time to select and make decisions. 

Anyone who is required to make the decisions and pay the deposit must be present. If you cannot do this on your own, please make sure all decision makers are available for this appointment. This initial viewing is included, subsequent appointments are $50/hour.

We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos or cash. A 75% deposit is the minimum required to proceed

We also offer lay-by, if you require a longer period to pay for the portraits you would really love.

This viewing and purchasing appointment is the time to make your decisions, we have discussed what you would like before the photo shoot, photographed for it, so now it is finalising the photos in those ideas. If you cannot decide on the night, your files are kept on our system for another 4 weeks in order for this to be done. After this period, if no decision has been made, they are Archived and incur a $100 fee to re-open. Prices may be subject to any price rises in the meanwhile. If you require a 2nd viewing session, this is available for $50/hour. 

If no order has been placed, files may be deleted after 4 years. All work that has been ordered is Archived and can be re-accessed.

All purchased portraits include the matching retouched printable digital file. If you invest above $2995, they are ALL included from that session. 

We do not supply RAW files or large digital files, they are provided as .jpegs. 

We have produced finished work for our customers since 1993, the work they have proudly on their walls has been lovingly completed by us, not Office works. We have access to the highest quality professional photography printers and suppliers, so that we know, we are providing you with the best possible results. (see more on our product pages) 

When we have retouched our work, specific finishes are layered to the files for ordering depending on the product being created. For example, a file I might send to be printed and framed is vastly different to that or a Canvas, or a Wood mounted photo, or an Acrylic or on Metal. 

They each have their own little stamps of originality to perfect that final product. There is not one size fits all. This is my profession, and livelihood, not hobby.

If you do not purchase products to the set level to obtain them all, you can pay the remainder in order to obtain them all.  These files are provided as 12inch longest side .jpegs. 

Packages for Digital Files only start at $1200 for x5 - 24inch .jpegs. These are colour corrected.

I have photographed 500+ Weddings earlier in my career, but have specialised in portraiture since 2000, photographing many of my past wedding couples since and their kids.

I photograph pregnant women, newborns and kids of all ages, husbands, wives, mums and dads, same sex couples, grandparents, families and extended families and generations. 

I photograph headshots for individuals and teams, plus folios and personal branding.

I have photographed the images for the full rebranding of Baby Love nappies over recent years, and do Corporate work for Darebin Council and other Businesses. 

I also photograph pets, with and without their owners!

I work most Saturday’s but I do NOT work Sundays. Saturday’s are generally reserved for family photo sessions.

I am also available weekdays 10am to 5.30pm. And after hours when required for Purchasing appts.

ALL appointments require bookings.

Lifeworks started in 1992, I have been in this current Studio since 1994, the location is too good to move!

I will let you be the judge.

I studied Nursing upon leaving school and was in the final intake of Hospital trained Nurses at Royal North Shore in Sydney. I graduated and spent 18 months on a surgical ward before heading off as a backpacker around the world. A 6 month trip turned into 2 years and my love of photography grew. I returned to Sydney and Studied for the next 4 years for an Associate Diploma in Commercial Photography at Sydney Tech in Ultimo. Putting myself through college by working as an Agency Nurse primarily in ICU and Emergency. I have not nursed since 1993, however, it has helped me in great stead for what is safe, especially when handling and photographing newborns.

I have been a member of our Industry professional body the AIPP - Australian Institute of professional Photography since 1993, becoming a life member in 2019. Through the AIPP, I have won many awards with State and Nationally being awarded a Master of Photography with 3 gold bars. (equivalent to a Master 4 times over). I have travelled to the UK and Norway as a speaker, and have judged awards here and overseas. 

But most importantly, I have people skills to listen to you, talk easily with you, gently direct you when needed, entertain kids and have a laugh with you.

Yes, I do…..please see our Gift voucher page on the Website for all the details.

Phone me 0481 940 970

email me

fill out the contact form on the website