Why corporate photos play an essential role in creating trust

  • By Julie Ewing

Consumers now spend more time than ever researching products and services online.  Potential customers aren’t just looking at your business, they’re interested in ‘who’ you are.  That’s why your virtual ‘first impression’ is now just as important as the first handshake.

Make your virtual first impression count

When your potential customers or otherwise are researching your products and/or services, it makes sense that they see you looking your absolute best.  Having a consistent professional image appearing on your website, and across social media profiles, helps build the perception of trust.

Your photo should clearly be you

In an era where ‘authenticity’ is valued, it’s vital that your professional image is a clear and honest photo of you.  That doesn’t mean you can’t look great!  It just means that excessive make-up, filters and over-the-top touch up effects are a no-go zone. Of course we do provide retouching to enhance your image, but we don’t alter you beyond recognition.

As an example, I was dealing with an event organiser online, who had a glamorous photo of herself as part of her corporate email signature.  When I finally met her in person, she hardly resembled the image she’d been presenting to me for days on end.  I found that incongruous and somewhat detrimental to her credibility.  She’d have been far better off presenting no photo at all!

Remember that a clear image of your face goes a long way to imparting trust – you can’t build the concept of trust with shadowy unclear images, selfies taken in a bar or down at the beach, you risk undoing existing trust by misrepresenting yourself.

Photo by Julie Ewing

What to wear in a corporate photo

Your corporate photo should reflect what you’d wear if an important client was coming to meet you. Don’t wear something you would never usually wear, and similarly, don’t go out and have an excessive make-over.

A good photographer will prepare you in advance about what to wear and, if relevant, where to do the shoot for atmosphere, to achieve the desired effect in your profession.

If there’s more than one of you in your business, don’t forget your team.  Real photos of your team and working environment increase trust, so be sure to include as many photos of your team and working space on your ‘about page’.  At the very least, people want to see photos of the leadership team with short biographies.

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