What you should know about canvas prints

  • By Julie Ewing

Canvas prints are lightweight, modern and vibrant, and offer an alternative to traditional framing of photographs.  Weighing less than framed prints, they can provide a ‘frameless’ presentation which can blend well into any style of decor in a home.  The format easily lends itself to ‘collage’ and other arrangements of many photos on the one canvas.



What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is the result of a photographic image printed (via inkjets) onto canvas which is then stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a wooden frame.  It differs from traditional photographic prints on paper, which are usually put into albums or framed behind glass.


Advantages of canvas prints

Many Lifeworks Photography clients prefer the frameless look and flexibility of positioning without the need for specific lighting.  Personally, I really love the non glare feature, flexibility with large and panoramic sizes, and wonderful texture and color that a canvas brings to a room.


What to be wary of when ordering canvas prints

There are many suppliers of cheap canvas prints online, literally beating each other down to provide the cheapest price.  A great frame upon which your canvas is stretched is a vital (yet often neglected part of great canvas prints).  Many canvas printers use imported pine frames (or worse) that will warp or twist over time (and limit your choice of sizes).  With cheap inks, plastic canvas’s and shrinking (cardboard) frames, a canvas can easily fade, be scratched, have incorrect colouring and will eventually warp considerably, in some cases within weeks.  Most online printers use polyester for material, which is mostly used for ‘short-life’ promotional materials.


Why it pays to use quality producers of canvas prints

At Lifeworks, the Professional Canvas print lab we use, offers USA-made archival, acid-free canvas, recognised as the world’s leading fine art canvas.  Featured in well-known art galleries and art museums around the world, it is manufactured in Califonia to the highest quality standard and has been independently tested to meet the stringent specifications of the UK Fine Art Trade Guild.

All our canvas prints are finished with a coat of premium laminate at no-extra cost. This helps protect your print against fading, scratches or fungus. You can even wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Laminating prints also gives the colours of your print extra “punch” and vibrancy.  Genuine Epson Ultrchrome inks used produce bright, vibrant colours, and in combination with the canvas used have 75 years guarantee for vibrant lasting prints.All of our Canvas frames are handcrafted from premium Meranti Hardwood. Our unique double-profiling avoids the visible lines that develop with other kinds of frames.



In short, the small details matter

We believe that small details are important.  Every canvas print we sell is professionally finished to art-gallery standards. Quality screws and stainless steel framing wire give the print a clean finish and extra strength. Finally, all prints are hand taped using 100% acid-free framers tape, providing protection against dust.   They are ready-to-hang straight from the box to WOW you, your family and friends.


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