What to expect at a photography session with Lifeworks

  • By Julie Ewing
Photography sessions are fun!

It is hard to imagine what to expect if you have never had professional photography before. The most common thing I hear is it was faster, easier, and more fun than they had imagined.

I like to know what you are looking for from your portrait session and where and how you wish to display your photos. The images produced from your session can be designed to fit perfectly in specific locations in your home, just like furniture.

Beautiful moments happen spontaneously, having the ability to pre-empt and capture these as they happen is what makes a great photographer.

I have been photographing kids and families for over 29years and have two children of my own. I have experience with all age groups and understand that kids will be kids! Over the years, I have heard many times, “your photos just have that something extra, they look alive and genuine”. I think it is important to let kids shine and not make them do anything they feel uncomfortable with, knowing some little tricks from years of experience always helps.

The first thing to consider is “where” you would like to have them taken. I do a majority of the photo sessions at my Studio(s) as they are well set up for most types of sessions. However, you might prefer somewhere else, just ask!

Lifeworks location and studio options

Located in Northcote, (just 5 minutes walk from Fairfield station) and 7.5km from Melbourne city.  My studio is located in the front section of my home in a leafy residential street, it is usually very easy to park out front and safely get children out of the car. I have successfully worked from this location since 1994 and have clients from all over Melbourne, some regulars traveling up to 2 hours for their photos.

I have the unique options of both an Indoor Studio with the latest studio lighting system and a range of backdrops, plus a purpose-built Outdoor Studio with landscaped rustic backdrops, all at one convenient location.

young family wall series in the outdoor studio

Kids, and parents, love the Outdoor Studio, and it’s a great option if you have a four-legged family member as it is safe and secure for dogs off-lead. 

Alternatively, you may prefer to have your photos taken at your home or another location of your choice. For extended family groups, I usually suggest a great location close by with a little more space.

extended family portrait with Lifeworks

Duration of photo sessions

I prefer to allow generous session times of up to 1.5 hours for most sessions, and 2-3 hours for newborns. This allows time to chat and not feel rushed, yet it still goes pretty quickly and feels relaxed. Some sessions may only take 30 minutes, it is very much determined by the requirements.
I set the time aside for your family to give you the best service possible and in return ask that you do not have other appointments that require you to be rushed.

Styling and dressing for your session

Things you might like to consider:

  • having your hair styled by your hairdresser who knows what you prefer best if you think it would make you feel more glamorous.
  • haircuts are recommended a week or two before, not the day of the shoot.
  • most ladies are quite experts at applying their own makeup. If you would like professional make-up, this may be organised in advance with our in-house makeup artist @makeupbymillieo, please ask.
  • clothing and what to wear is very important and I have a whole other blog on this   What to Wear to a Family Photography Session, which provides tips on colours and outfits.  I always suggest that you decide on a colour theme and co-ordinate the family. Lay the outfits out on your bed, do they work well together? Does something jump out at you? Will this distract in the photos? You do not have to match, co-ordinate is the key.
  • shoes -in the Studio we often remove them as they are unlikely to be in the photos or it looks better without them. Outdoors, consider your clothing style and wear shoes to suit. The Outdoor Studio is uneven, if you love heels, perhaps bring flats and change out there to avoid scuffing them.
  • accessorise -scarves, hats, beanies, coats, etc can add interest and texture, if they are typically you, bring them along.
  • In the Studio, I have a wardrobe of pretty dresses for young girls and pants/shirts for boys from 1-8yrs, plus accessories, flower crowns, headbands, braces, vests, bowties, and caps. You are very welcome to use these if they are to your taste.

Childrens Portrait accessoriesBoy clothes photo session

  • feed the kids well before, a hungry child will not perform their best, and eating whilst being photographed does not work. Pack a quick healthy snack that won’t stick to teeth and make a mess for “just in case”.                                                
  • Most of all come to your session relaxed and ready to enjoy it, be prepared for anything to happen, kids will surprise you in many ways and usually for the better!
Making a booking & session fees

To discuss or to secure a photo session booking, please call me on  9482 2006.  You are welcome to make a time to come in to chat and plan your session with me if you prefer.

All bookings require a pre-paid session fee to ensure your requested date and time are confirmed. This will vary slightly from Weekdays to Saturdays which are premium and most sought after for families. Locations may incur additional travel fees.

This session fee covers my professional time and expertise prior to the session either in person or over the phone discussions, taking your portraits on the selected day, time spent in post-production afterward editing, designing, and creating a show for you to view, and your purchasing appointment. This ensures you will have my undivided creative attention for that specified time. Payments can be over the phone or at our Studio.

I accept Visa card, MasterCard, Eftpos (if you are present) and Bank transfers if within the required time.  It does not include any photographic prints.

How do you see your images after the photoshoot?

At your photo session, I will make a time with you to return the following week to your viewing and purchasing appointment. This is where you relive all the fun of the photo shoot and see the magic unfold. You will watch a slide show of your images on a big screen and with my guidance go through the selection process. It is a lot easier than you might imagine. This helps you greatly, compared to if you were viewing a gallery on-line where you would only see them small and watermarked. I can even offer you a virtual view on your own walls, I provide you with details of how to photograph your walls where you would like to hang your wall art and you email it to me, I upload it into the program I use and we can see your portraits on your walls. This is fantastic for selecting the perfect size for your space.

Personalised Sample Creation

I will show you all the best images from your session (I edit the bloopers that no-one wishes to see) plus select favourites and design layouts to suit styles I have discussed with you if required. I find this helps greatly in making decisions.

family collage in outdoor studio with rustic background for wall

What products do you choose?

I find most families are wanting either showstopping wall art to decorate their walls, these can be printed on 100% cotton rag art papers, framed, canvas, wood mounted on metal, or high gloss acrylic.  Or they like multiple looks and love our Fine Art collections. These are fabulous for creating photo walls, you can frame these yourself or organise custom framing through me, and rotate the images, changing your display whenever you like, or opt for an Album that is more private and personal. Whatever your preference, let me know and I can photograph for your favourite option to ensure your portraits compliment the style of your home.

family on location taken by Lifeworks photography

casual and fun family photo wall

All purchased printed images are fully retouched and treated to special signature touches, this means enhancing the images beyond what you see at your viewing appointment. A professionally finished portrait is something you will be proud of forever. I have studied, trained, and worked in the industry for decades, perfecting my art, if you love what you see here and on my website, they are all images I have curated for my clients and had professionally finished with my favourite suppliers who offer lifetime guarantees.

It is important to have all decision-makers present so that you can make your selections together, as selections and purchases are made at this time.  To proceed with your order, I require a 75% deposit, or you can layby. Orders paid for are ready within 2-4 weeks depending on the products selected.

They are then yours to take home and enjoy!

To book your family session, please phone me on 9482 2006 and we can find a time to suit you.

Or email me at info@lifeworksphotography.com.au

for more Family images please check the website gallery


About your photographer -Julie Ewing

Julie is a multi-award-winning photographer and owner of Lifeworks Photography, a studio she has owned since 1992. She is a Lifetime Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and has judged state and national awards. She has been a guest speaker in the UK, Norway, and Australia. Julie is the recipient of many Australian Professional Photography Awards and has received M.Photog III recognition winning over 70 Silver, Silver with Distinction and Gold awards of excellence.

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