Unique Children’s Portraits – Melbourne

  • By Julie Ewing

Unique childrens portraits, our Fine Art Kids Project – Melbourne.

In March we launched our unique portrait project for 2018, “Fine Art Kids”, in loving memory or Nancy Mazza Trimboli. Nancy was a much loved Lifeworks client since 2004.

In October last year, just over 2 years from a devastating diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a beautiful family lost an incredible mum, a devoted, loving wife, a much-adored daughter, sister, aunty, cousin and for many of us, a gorgeous friend.

Nancy, was a very special lady, an inspiration to everyone who knew her, she touched my heart in more ways than I can write about. She inspired us immensely with her courage and determination and I am honoured to continue her legacy, by dedicating our special portrait project in Nancy’s memory, with her husband Frank’s blessing.

Thank you to those who have already signed up, we have loved creating your kids’ gorgeous portraits! More on them soon.

Our first photo shoot for Fine Art kids….. was with Mimi.  This is how it was constructed.

This gorgeous young Lifeworks Photography WatchMeGrow™ customer was due to have her 7-year WMG™ photo session. I mentioned our new portrait project and instantly her mum agreed, what a great idea!  We talked about what was Mimi’s most favourite thing, sport, hobby or pastime.

The whole family are passionate skiers, Mimi is a snow bunny, so we discussed creating something to show that. She would need her clothes and equipment that goes along with that. Props, such as in helmet, glasses, headbands, gloves/mitts, scarf, parka, skis/board, and boots maybe. We discussed that the style will be a little different to the bright and colourful we have previously created for her, this would be more wistful and contemplative.  Mimi will be our first Guinea pig…hehe

I have to say we were very excited about doing this shoot. On the day of the photo shoot, I opened the door to mother and daughter, no obvious signs of all the requested props, just one small bag.  I asked, “are the ski props in the car?”  “Oh no, we decided instead we’d do Nippers and or Little Aths”.  I felt myself deflate.  All my ideas and vision…vaporised.

Well, when thrown a curly, what does one do…..go into creative over-drive, and did we have a ball!

Firstly Nippers!

Mimi put on her swimmers and mum was going to plait her hair was she would normally, but we suggested, how about leaving it out and putting her cap on over the top we used a fan to simulate the breeze that would be usual on a beach.  A great plus of having a home-studio is being able to find bits and pieces that could add to the image…not for everything but in so many cases……I raided our swimming cupboard for goggles and zinc and a towel.  Mum, who’s British absolutely loved the fluoro pink zinc, it sealed the deal as a true Aussie! (except for the obligatory sand usually stuck in it!)

I had an idea of beach flags as the background, so this was to be photographed later.


Little Athletics

Next was Little Athletics gear on and this time I helped braid Mimi’s hair, braids reflect light off the hair rather than lower plaits. providing more texture. Though in the end, our favourite was a shot with her cap on! We slung her sneakers over her shoulders and smeared her cheeks with brown makeup to resemble dirt after a hard day competing!

Mimi, who is of the cleaner persuasion wasn’t sure about the dirt, but her mum who sees her face in all states agreed it was perfect.



Mimi had the nonchalant stare down to perfection, for a 7-year-old she was a rising star with the perfect attitude for her portraits!

But with a toothless gap, how could we not capture some cheeky, cute smiles too!

I had this idea of an Athletic track as the backdrop…..well…..on my days off, I thought, ok I will go to our local tracks and photograph them. I have lived in this area for 25 years….the DAY I GO to Clifton Hill Athletics track, they have DUG IT UP!!!! So, for this image, I have borrowed one from the free image options on the web…..but I will find my own track to photograph eventually!


Back to Nippers!

SO….. I grew up near Cronulla, but that is not just a few km away now, so I googled surf patrolled beaches within reach of Melbourne. I have a learner driver in the house who was keen to increase her mileage and we had a long weekend, so Millie and I set off for the Mornington Peninsular and Point Leo.

On the way, we stopped at a Sculpture garden where I photographed numerous textural backgrounds, ones which will ultimately be used in the multi-layered final Fine Art Portraits. We arrive at Pt Leo……Awesome Beach, stunning day and so thought thousands of others! I took photos of the flags surrounded by people everywhere….these would require many photoshop hours to create the backdrop I wanted. Oh well, we had a lovely swim!

Monday of the long weekend, a totally different day, brooding skies, and much cooler…perfect and exactly what I had imagined.  My learner diver takes us to Port Melbourne Beach, which just happens to be Mimi’s hometown beach and where she does Nippers.  The wind is blowing, the sky is ominous and there is not a soul on the beach bar the seagulls….the exact crowd I was hoping for!  The flags are blowing perfectly, the seagulls stand like statues on the sand.  I have my driver and our very adorable bird loving pooch Ollie in waiting…in fact, he’s champing at the bit to chase those birds.  So…..I direct Millie to go back and behind the flags and then herself and Ollie run at the birds shooing them past the flag……BINGO….the shot I have envisaged to complete this image!

Sounds easy?



9+ hours in the making to capture a background image, two hours in the studio and download, another hour or two in post-production and 29 yrs of experience and creativity…….

A unique, “Fine Art Kids” Portrait complete !

For your own Unique Children’s Portraits (in Melbourne) Contact us today!

For all who would love to be involved in “Fine Art Kids”, we are donating our usual session fees for this project to support the fight to cure MND.

Session fees are $99 weekdays and $150 weekends.  This generous donation will go a long way to helping fight for a cure and will confirm your “Fine Art Kids” Portrait session with us at Lifeworks and guarantee your child/children a full page or double spread in our “Fine Art Kids Collection” Book.

What is “Fine Art Kids”? It is a Portrait incentive by Lifeworks Photography to create beautiful images of children in a Fine Art style, portraits families will cherish on their walls, whilst creating a way to give back, to make a difference in the lives of others and inspire ourselves on a daily basis.

Please fill out this form  so that we may contact you to organise your “Fine Art Kids” session.

*Sessions can be booked throughout 2018.

**portraits will be available for purchase *** the “Fine Art Kids” book will be available to purchase on completion of the project

If you would like to chat with us please call 9482 2006

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