Tips for photographing boys under 5 years old

  • By Julie Ewing

What is important when photographing boys under 5 years old?



How an interactive prop can make for an exciting session when photographing boys under 5 years.

We wanted to share our latest session with Georgie who was celebrating turning 4 years old.  He is growing up so fast!  Capturing his journey through childhood is truly an honour.

Children photos

Georgie and his family are part of our ongoing WatchMeGrow™ program, one of our signature Trademarked Lifeworks offerings. A unique program that has resulted in us seeing him every year for a custom designed photo session. Georgie is always a delight to photograph.

Georgie has grown into a high energy, inquisitive child who just loves to learn.  So when planning his session we decided to incorporate a few props that would take his interest and that also suited the style of clothing and location (our outdoor studio) his mum had chosen for this photo shoot.

Georgie’s mum always makes an effort to dress him in the cutest outfits.   A little bit of advance planning with clothing goes a long way.  Isn’t he adorable!

Children photos

Children are always on the go and are interested in so many different things.  We find Boys seem to be drawn to anything that has wheels, it’s like a natural instinct, in one of Georgie’s previous sessions we had used a vintage car (we have 3) so this year we based his session around airplanes.  Choosing something age appropriate as a prop is really important.

An antique wooden prop plane and an assortment of paper airplanes we made for the session were used to really set the scene and feed Georgie’s curiosity.  We hung the paper planes of different colours and shapes along our alley (part of our outdoor studio, here in Melbourne).

Georgie just loved what he saw and was so excited that we had set this up, just for him.  The wooden airplane captivated his attention instantly. Flying it through the air, doing loops and dives.  Georgie loved that there was always a chance that the pilot may fall out especially when he was showing us how to fly upside down.

We all had so much fun.


Keeping a photo session fun and interesting for the participants, ensures we get a variety of different angles and expressions. The serious, thoughtful faces are just as important as the laughing smiling ones.

Before the session, Georgie’s mum had said multiple times  “I don’t know how you will get him to stay still at the moment, he is just go, go, go”.  We always smile and say we will work our magic, don’t you worry.

What we find is that when a child is fully engaged in a session they open up automatically and their full personality naturally shines through.

Look how engaged and suave Georgie is!


Georgie’s mum is always blown away by what we manage to create in his WatchMeGrow sessions.  She absolutely loved all these moments we captured.

It was so nice to hear how much Georgie loved this session too.  We are told he still talks about it on a regular basis and loves that he has one of the paper airplanes now hanging in his bedroom as a reminder of that day.

Every year Georgie’s mum wonders how will we top this session, next time. We just laugh and say wait and see. We are so lucky to photograph Georgie every year (as part of his WatchMeGrow™ album -see Georgie’s Album below).

We already have an epic idea for Georgie’s 5 year shoot, it’s going to be amazing!

If you loved this session and would like us to create something unique to celebrate your child, no matter their age.  Contact us today and we will happily plan a customised session for your child/family in a style that you desire.

Julie & Tracy


Wonder what is our WatchMeGrow™ Program all about?


Our WatchMeGrow™ program is a program designed to capture your child as they grow.

Every important milestone is creatively photographed, with multiple album packages options available to suit your needs.

Many children are first photographed when they are still in mum’s tummy or when they are Newborns.  Each child’s growth and development is documented in an Album they will have forever. We do grandparent versions too, so Gran or Poppa don’t miss out.

From pregnancy, newborn, 3 months, 6months, 9months, 12 months, 18 months and 2 years and beyond. Most families have continued to have yearly updates of their children.

This year is our WatchMeGrow™ program is celebrating its 20th year.  Yes, some of the children are now young adults away at university and we still photograph them yearly.


We love being there as your children grow and develop.   If you want to know more about our WatchMeGrow™.  Fill in our contact form below and we will happily tell you all about it.

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