Pregnancy portraits you will cherish

  • By Julie Ewing

You have just a small window of opportunity to capture one of the most amazing, memorable, and unique times in your life – Pregnancy.

The idea of being able to document a child’s journey even before they are born is incredibly exciting!
There are numerous ways to photograph pregnancy portraits you will cherish during this special time.  The work you see here and on the website has been created at my studio location in Northcote, an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne. I have the unique options of both an indoor Studio using the latest in world-class studio lighting and a purpose-built outdoor studio of rustic backdrops. Most women love the gorgeous artistry created in the privacy of the Studio, however, you have both options conveniently at one location.

“You spend 9 months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime”. 

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you start imagining what this little person will be like. You feel that first kick, their hiccups, their wriggles, month by month you fall more and more in love.

When is the best time to be photographed?

If your pregnancy is going well and you are expecting a single infant, generally between 32-36 weeks is a perfect time. You feel well-rounded, full of energy, and radiating that gorgeous motherly glow. There is something truly beautiful about a pregnant woman – glowing skin, luscious hair, and a big round beautiful belly.

If you are expecting twins or multiple births, if you have had any complications, or previously gave birth early, you may wish to select an earlier time. Any time you feel is right will work. You may even like to photograph stages throughout your pregnancy, this creates a very special piece of wall art.

pregnancy in stages expecting twins

pregnant with twins and glowing, a gorgeous African woman with billowing blue fabric of her gown floating around her in the studio

Unless it can’t be helped, I don’t recommend beyond 36 weeks as you tend to feel more tired as bub is having a final growth spurt and is zapping a lot of your energy, or your baby may decide to surprise you by arriving a few weeks early and you miss the opportunity.

No matter when you decide to do this…… promise – is to make you look and feel beautiful.

Beautiful pregnancy photograph of woman in white dress

I love to create flattering, gorgeous, feminine pregnancy portraits.

I have over 27 years experience, I am an ex-Nurse, a mother of 2 myself, and have photographed hundreds of pregnant women, winning many awards along the way.  Confident creating the best angles, the most flattering lighting, and offering a range of gorgeous gowns, from figure-hugging to soft and flouncy, or fabric drapes to capture you at your most stunning. I love trying out new creative ideas.

bubbles floating by this beautiful pale skinned pregnant woman wearing a soft grey beaded gown in the studio

I have many accessories to use in your maternity photoshoot, but you are more than welcome to bring along anything of your own. If you want to incorporate jewelry, heritage or cultural clothing or items, or a significant object in your portrait, feel free to discuss your ideas with me at any time, as this may take some additional preparation and planning to create something extraordinary for you.

Outdoors Lifeworks Pregnancy photography

Lets not forget your partner,

Highlighting the mum-to-be by focusing on her belly and her changing body makes for beautiful photography, but I understand that it is also a special time for your partner.

There is nothing more sacred than the love between partners, especially when a new life is taking form. I love to include both parents (including same-sex couples) as much as possible, portraying the love between you and for the little one growing inside.

Stunning black and white studio portrait of couple in silhouette showing pregnant tummy

a loving pregnant couple enjoying a tender moment in the studio

Involve the whole family in your pregnancy/maternity portrait.

Including siblings in your pregnancy/maternity photos is always a lot of fun! It’s important to involve other child(ren) as they can often be feeling that something is about to happen but not understand exactly what, this makes them feel important at this special time, and it adds to their excitement as they look forward to meeting their little brother or sister.

pregnant mother and daughter in silver gowns in the studio in Northcote

family celebrating pregnancy and expecting their second child

Your Pregnancy session.

I recommend you book your photo session mid to late morning if you are including young children, or early afternoon if just yourself and perhaps your partner.  You might like to organise to have a gorgeous blow wave (who doesn’t love the magic your hairdresser creates for you) and make-up prior.

We have an in-house makeup artist, bookings are a must. Every client, male and female who has used Millie's services has been thrilled with the results and the extra confidence having professional makeup has given them. Bookings are made via me when selecting your photoshoot date, but please check out Millie on Instagram @makeupbymillieo

The photography session can take from 30 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the final results you are after. The more looks we create, the more you will love and want to own.

You are welcome to use any of the Studio gowns I have available, I have many options of matching “little” dresses for little girls to dress up like mummy too. I also have some pretty cool threads for little boys!

Things you might like to consider bringing are:

  • strapless bras in nude and black for under the gowns or when fabrics are draped, I have a few sizes which work well if you do not have any. These help to keep a gorgeous shape and to tuck fabrics into.
  • underwear is often discarded for no lines, privacy, and discretion is maintained at all times. If you prefer to wear panties, please bring both nude and darker shades and more french lace than Bridget Jones. G-Strings work well.
  • mostly you will be barefoot, however, if you love the full-length look, many of the gowns are sweeping hemlines and look fabulous with heels to give added height. Sneakers or similar if a casual look is preferred
  • jewelry for added pizazz
  • makeup for touchups
  • hair adornments, you may have had something special for your wedding, this can be really special to include
  • other clothing that is very “you”, you may prefer to wear, ie. jeans, fitted dresses of tops, lacy tops/dresses, lingerie, floaty dressing gowns, sportswear, bathers,  etc…..the options are limitless.

What products do you choose?

I find most women are wanting either showstopping wall art to decorate their walls, these can be printed on 100% cotton rag art papers, framed, canvas, wood mounted on metal, or high gloss acrylic.  Or they like multiple looks and love our Fine Art collections. These are fabulous for creating photo walls, you can frame these yourself or organise custom framing through me, and rotate the images, changing your display whenever you like, or opt for an Album that is more private and personal. Whatever your preference, let me know and I can photograph for your favourite option.

All purchased printed images are fully retouched and treated to special signature touches, this means enhancing the images beyond what you see at your viewing appointment. A professionally finished portrait is something you will be proud of forever. I have studied, trained, and worked in the industry for decades, perfecting my art, if you love what you see here and on my website, they are all images I have curated for my clients and had professionally finished with my favourite suppliers who offer lifetime guarantees.

maternity portraits for bedroom wall

wall collection of pregnancy photos

How do you see your images after the photoshoot?

At your photo session, I will make a time with you to return the following week to your viewing and purchasing appointment. This is where you relive all the fun of the photo shoot and see the magic unfold. You will watch a slide show of your images on a big screen and with my guidance go through the selection process. It is a lot easier than you might imagine. This helps you greatly, compared to if you were viewing a gallery online where you would only see them small and watermarked. I can even offer you a virtual view on your own walls, I provide you with details of how to photograph your walls where you would like to hang your wall art and you email it to me, I upload it into the program I use and we can see your portraits on your walls. This is fantastic for selecting the perfect size for your space.

To proceed with your order, I require a 75% deposit, or you can layby. Orders paid for are ready within 2-4 weeks depending on the products selected.

All you need to do now to create some beautiful pregnancy portraits for yourself is to book your session. The best way is to call me on 9482 2006 and we can find a time to suit you.

Or email me at

for more pregnancy images please check out our gallery here at

Pregnancy and Newborn

About your photographer -Julie Ewing

Julie is a multi-award-winning photographer and owner of Lifeworks Photography, a studio she has owned since 1992. She is a Licentiate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and has judged state and national awards. She has been a guest speaker in the UK, Norway, and Australia. Julie is the recipient of many Australian Professional Photography Awards and has received M.Photog III recognition winning over 70 Silver, Silver with Distinction and Gold awards of excellence.

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