Newborn Photography -capturing the most precious of moments

  • By Julie Ewing

newborn sucking her thumbYou have waited 9 months to meet your little miracle and the time has finally arrived!

All the morning sickness, the swollen ankles, the heartburn, and the lack of sleep were all worth it, your precious little bundle is in your arms, you couldn’t be more in love!

When should you book newborn photography?

Most photographers who specialise in capturing images of newborns will suggest that a session during the first two weeks of life is the ideal time.

I agree, but I also allow a little more time because I understand a new mother may need a week or two to adjust to her new role. In my opinion, the best time to capture portraits of your newborn baby is when they are between one and three weeks old, four at the most.

pink newborn props with sleeping baby girl in studio

Why photograph babies so early?

During the first few weeks of life, babies retain a ‘womb-like’ shape. They curl up and love to stay as warm and snug as possible. Gorgeous foetal-like positions are more achievable, to capture this delicate, never repeated stage. Newborn babies are often in a dream-like state and, with the perfect conditions provided at our studio, are more likely to sleep through the shoot.

newborn collage of 8 day old baby

Within a few weeks, babies begin to stretch their limbs and uncurl; they become more alert and less sleepy. This can make it a little harder to capture those classic newborn poses. Difficult, but not impossible, every baby is different.

Why is newborn photography so special?

There is nothing else like newborn photography. Babies grow and change so fast, the first couple of weeks of life are fleeting. You only have a tiny window to capture these precious moments so they can last forever. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Lifeworks Newborn photography

What makes a newborn photography session successful?

My years of experience, combined with genuine patience and care, will ensure your newborn photography session is safe, stress-free, and successful. I have been called a “baby whisperer” often, as an ex-Nurse and mother of 2 myself, I know what to expect and how to deal with it.

It is essential that the parents and the photographer are as prepared and relaxed as possible. Babies can sense anxiety, so finding an experienced photographer that you are comfortable with is very important.

strong black and white of 2 new mums proud of the new addition to their family

What is the process for a newborn session?

I usually book newborns in the morning, this is when they are generally more content. As the day progresses, they get more fidgety and the witching hour hits, this is that time from around 3-7 pm when babies are often hungrier, noisier, and grumpy. Usually, the same time you need to look after other kids or prepare dinner. This is never a good time for photos.

A newborn session generally takes 2-3 hours. This allows for feeds, nappy changes, and re-settling. The more we are hoping to achieve the more they are disturbed from their peaceful sleep and might need a cuddle back to dreamland. If babies are undressed, they tend to wake more easily than if they are clothed or wrapped, something to consider for your photos. They also are not too keen on multiple clothing changes, so keep it simple and your baby will remain happier and more content.

I have the studio warm and toasty, however, we can cool it down easily to make sure your newborn is always comfortable.

I have a range of newborn accessories, headbands, hats, clothing and wraps, however, I welcome you bringing along items of your own. Heirloom blankets are always beautiful in photos. I have some beautiful props, such as antique baby scales that you are welcome to use.

Lifeworks Newborn photography
What should you bring?

Besides the obvious – your baby, it is great to include any siblings and of course your partner. It is a beautiful time to have family portraits with your new addition.

Other things to consider:

  • wraps and blankets that you may like to use -generally simpler designs are best, not bright and boldly patterned (or I have some)
  • clothing if you like, onsies without the feet covered are cute, I love to see little toes! Hats and other head accessories (or I have some)
  • bottles if you are not breastfeeding
  • nappies -yep they will poop! (I do have back-up)
  • wipes and any creams you require for nappy changes, though avoid thick zinc on little bottoms prior to a photo session
  • if their skin is all flakey, please moisturise with a gentle cream prior
  • don’t worry about milk spots, rashes, and little scratches, our beautiful retouching takes care of that.
  • clothing for yourself and any family members that suits the photos you love, your clothing needs to work well together, all dark, or all light or all somewhere in between. Keep it simple, often long sleeves are flattering as the focus is on your baby instead of your arms.
  • shoes are generally kicked off and not required by anyone.
  • if bringing siblings, a healthy snack for them as they will get hungry, pack more than you think you will need, and something they love to play with as a 2-hour Newborn session may not be their idea of fun! (I have a toy box)

pretty in pink, big and little sisters in the studio, toddler and newborn

Do you photograph older babies?

I know that not all parents want pictures of tiny curled up babies, or for many reasons just couldn’t get into the studio earlier. Some prefer their child to be more alert during the shoot. I understand.

Please note that babies under ten weeks are generally unable to focus on distant objects. This inability to focus can give the baby a glazed-over look, this is natural and expected at this age.

I photograph older babies. They are a little more filled out than newborns but just as gorgeous. Usually, from 12 weeks, babies are waking up from their naps and giving you the most delightful smiles, this is a very precious stage to capture.

sleeping baby cuddles with bears

baby in grey bow tie

What products do you choose?

I find most parents are wanting either showstopping wall art to decorate their walls, these can be printed on 100% cotton rag art papers, framed, canvas, wood mounted on metal, or high gloss acrylic.  Or they like multiple looks and love our Fine Art collections. These are fabulous for creating photo walls, you can frame these yourself or organise custom framing through me, and rotate the images, changing your display whenever you like, or opt for an Album that is more private and personal. Whatever your preference, let me know and we can photograph for your favourite option.

All purchased printed images are fully retouched and treated to special signature touches, this means enhancing the images beyond what you see at your viewing appointment. A professionally finished portrait is something you will be proud of forever. I have studied, trained, and worked in the industry for decades, perfecting my art, if you love what you see here and on my website, they are all images I have curated for my clients and had professionally finished with my favourite suppliers who offer lifetime guarantees.

twin canvas collection for the wall

soft newborn portraits for the wall

fine art collection on bedroom wall

Can you photograph my older children?

I specialise in photographing children of all ages. I know the angles and positions that will help to create wonderful images, no matter how old the child.

My clients often return to have their second and third babies photographed at the same “time” as their siblings. This ensures your collection of family photos is similarly matched, and enjoyable to share.

I also offer some truly unique (Trademarked) art styles to give your images an artistic, timeless appeal.

Why are professional photographs necessary?

I understand your baby is gorgeous and you want to photograph them at every moment. I also know that in this age of iPhones you can, and do, take dozens of pictures a day! I do also.

Professional photos will always be a treasured addition to remembering the amazing moments of babyhood. A professional photographer can capture all the tiny details a quick snap cannot. An iPhone photo will never have the same quality a professional portrait does.

The tender connection between you and your baby is almost impossible to catch if you are always the one with the camera.

soft high key black and white of newborn and mum wrapped in tulle, studio Northcote


How do you see your images after the photoshoot?

At your photo session, I will make a time with you to return the following week to your viewing and purchasing appointment. This is where you relive all the fun of the photo shoot and see the magic unfold. You will watch a slide show of your images on a big screen and with my guidance go through the selection process. It is a lot easier than you might imagine. This helps you greatly, compared to if you were viewing a gallery on-line where you would only see them small and watermarked. I can even offer you a virtual view on your own walls, I provide you with details of how to photograph your walls where you would like to hang your wall art and you email it to me, I upload it into the program I use and we can see your portraits on your walls. This is fantastic for selecting the perfect size for your space.

To proceed with your order, I require a 75% deposit, or you can layby. Orders paid for are ready within 2-6 weeks depending on the products selected.

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Special photography projects from Pregnancy or Birth and onwards

It is incredible to professionally capture the milestones your child goes through in their first 5 years, and beyond. However, I find the following ages and stages reveal such rapid development; they are a must to document in photographs:

  • Newborn and 3 months (first smiles)
  • 6 – 9 months (pushing up, toes in mouth, sitting, crawling)
  • 1, 1.5, and 2 years (walking, talking, running).

Our Jigsaw® style is a great way to cleverly display all the close-up details of the tiny features you just adore. This look is modern, stylish, and captivating.

newborn jigsaw design

Our AngelArt™ styles are light, warm and soft, and LifeArt™ are the darker-toned, delicately textured images that embrace all the beauty and innocence of childhood. This unique style is printed on the highest quality art paper or canvas, in a variety of different sizes and layouts to suit your home.


WatchMeGrow® packages are a fantastic way of recording the rapid developments and changes which occur during the first few years of life. Regular sessions capture these never to be forgotten milestones.

WatchMeGrow® Projects

The WatchmeGrow® Album project consists of multiple photo sessions, throughout the first years of your child’s life. Safely displayed in a beautiful album that reflects the rapid growth, incredible changes and blossoming personality of your child in their first few years. Photos are added after each session, you keep the Album in between to enjoy.

The first photo session commences with your pregnancy session or newborn session between 1-4 weeks. We meet again when your child is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

I offer 12 and 24-month packages, and our most popular, 5 year package.

Many of our Lifeworks clients have stayed with us beyond the 5 years. Our very first WMG baby, now 21years old is still photographed annually with his sisters and parents. What an extraordinary way to document their lives!

siblings together having fun on the outdoor studio, Northcote

All our WatchMeGrow® clients have continued this project with each additional child as they have arrived — a testament to how amazing these albums are. I have photographed hundreds of these albums since introducing them to my business over 22 years ago, undertaking this journey with many families, together creating something unique and magical.

WatchMeGrow® Faces projects are incredible collages of your child’s facial expressions from newborn to 12 months. Our most popular consists of 5 faces per row, taken at newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. The overall dimensions are 32” x 32” — a perfect statement piece for the wall that is sure to get everyone talking. Capturing expressions that are quirky, funny, and occasionally teary, as well as milestones (like first teeth), create a project which is true to the child and their individual personality.

Every client who has created a project has also completed one for each of their children. I have several clients with 2, 3, and 4 of these amazing collages on their walls. It’s incredible to see how much each child grows and changes.

WMG 3,6,9,12 months

As every child is unique and adorable at all ages, I believe the best time to photograph your child is now.

To book your Newborn session please phone me on 9482 2006

or email me at

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About your photographer -Julie Ewing

Julie is a multi-award-winning photographer and owner of Lifeworks Photography, a studio she has owned since 1992. She is a Lifetime Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and has judged state and national awards. She has been a guest speaker in the UK, Norway, and Australia. Julie is the recipient of many Australian Professional Photography Awards and has received M.Photog III recognition winning over 70 Silver, Silver with Distinction and Gold awards of excellence.

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