Make special memories this Mother’s Day

  • By Julie Ewing

Mothers have been called the glue that holds the family together, however that ‘glue’ is often under appreciated.

Celebrating Mother’s Day by acknowledging the woman who “gets it all done” not only provides a lift to her spirits, it helps to unify the family unit by pulling everyone together.  The celebration of Mother’s Day allows us to reflect on who we want to be as a family and how we’re all connected to one another.

Whilst the shops are full of ‘world’s greatest mum’ mugs and cards in the lead up to May 13, this year it’s worth considering a gift that will last for generations to come – a Lifeworks Photography session for your family.

Give the gift of memories this Mother’s Day with a Gift Certificate from Lifeworks Photography.

There’s a number of reasons we know your mum or you as a mum will love this, and we’ve outlined them below:

Generation Family Photo

1. Getting everyone together for a photoshoot

As kids get older it becomes increasingly harder to gather everyone together for a family photograph, we are all too busy.  Even if you take lots of photos of family events, these days those photographs mostly end up on Facebook, not in print.   We’ve photographed many families over the years, and not one has ever regretted the experience.  We are always receiving feedback on how much they love portraits,  families taken years ago or those photographed recently, they tell us how proud it makes them feel when friends and family visiting their homes admire their portraits.

These families now have lasting memories that will hang on their walls for generations to come.  Facebook can’t compete with that!

b/w family photo

2.  Everyone looks good

With 25+ years experience, we can offer you loads of tips and advice before the shoot on what to wear and expect, plus posing and direction at a photo shoot that helps you feel and look your best.  At a photo session, you have the benefit of 2 experienced photographers, one working on expressions and engagement and the other capturing those decisive special moments. We take plenty of photos, there’s no risk of someone blinking, a fly on someone’s nose or any other mishap that may occur with an amateur at the helm. After you photo shoot, we spend time editing and preparing them for you to view back at the Studio in a cinematic experience. Your purchased portraits receive our expert signature enhancements we are known for.

Mother and Child photo

3.  The mother-child connection

Maybe you’ve been brought up by a single mother or someone else who’s stepped in.  No matter whether it’s your grandmother, aunt or other, that motherly bond is worth celebrating and capturing forever.  Families come in all shapes and sizes and ‘mother’s’ may have different meanings for different people.

photo with grandma4. Life is short

We don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it’s true none of us know what may lie around the corner.  Sieze the moment to capture these memories now.  We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Give the gift of memories this Mother’s Day with a Gift Certificate from Lifeworks Photography.

Family photos

mothers day photos

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