Documenting your life and the importance of printed portraits in your home

  • By Julie Ewing

It’s no secret that we are the most photographed generation. But thanks to technology, our photos are also the most disposable. We can snap a shot on the go and upload it to Snapchat or Instagram, or take (and delete) 15 variations of the same image just to ensure we’ve got “The Shot” for Facebook.
We are no longer taking the time to appreciate what we are capturing, or thinking about the images we are taking because we don’t have limits anymore – don’t like it? Hit delete. With the continuous clicking comes the death of printing and the reality that we could be left with no photographs to pass on in years to come.

My daughter is a classic example of the selfie age – snapped, posted, “liked”, commented on – she, like all her friends, receive lots of gushing love and a mere 2 hours later – forgotten.

I photograph her often. And have done throughout hers and my son’s lives, now 16 and 19 years.

Which are the photos they remember and talk about? Not those “Insta photos” but the ones that are displayed around our home, large on the walls, for us to enjoy daily. Like the one when Henry had a broken arm and how cute they were sunlit through their blonde hair as they walked hand in hand through the park at 18 months and 4yrs.

Or the other collage, when they were 3 and 6, covering a range of emotions from tantrums to giggles and mischief. These images are fun, cheeky and emotional; they spark memories that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Dressed in gorgeous outfits my sister sent from France, my daughter says to me, “I remember that day, I was being naughty and had a tantrum; well I was just pretending”, she tells me now. Pretending or not, her little performance made for some adorable photos. She goes on to say, “I sat on Henry’s shoulders and covered his eyes, and we fell over giggling.”

Without the visual prompt of seeing that portrait, do you think she would recall such a vivid memory?

Portraits can freeze time, permanently.

We had a family portrait taken at a time when my husband was healthy, fit and active. When my kids were young, he fell ill, so their memory of him isn’t of the vibrant young man he once was. Without the family portrait, they would have no knowledge of how dad was before he got sick. I love this portrait and find myself gazing at it often.

We live in a digital world.

Gone are the days of waiting to finish a film before having it developed. Oh, the anticipation of seeing those precious memories we so carefully chose to capture! I still remember the thrill of racing home to put them in an album or frame.

Today, we are taking more photos than ever, but so many images have been discarded along the way.

We all dread the thought of losing a phone with so many treasured memories on it or a hard drive faulting, so why are we not printing these images and displaying them in our homes?

The worst thing about this disposable digital world is we are no longer preserving memories to pass down to future generations. Will they ever have the opportunity to snuggle up on the couch as a family on a winter’s night, looking through old albums and reminiscing about the good times shared?

We manage everything from the creative to delivery.

Having your family professionally photographed not only gives you beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever, but it removes the stress of having to print digital images yourself.

We professionally retouch your images, and use professional Labs to ensure they look amazing when printed. Our images can look completely different depending on where they are printed, which is why we ensure this is all taken care of for you. All you need to do is come and collect your beautiful portraits, ready to be displayed in your home.

Professional photos are an investment, but worth it for so many reasons.

They make your family feel cherished. Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than walls filled with happy memories and the smiling faces of those you love.

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