Creative Children’s Portraits

  • By Julie Ewing

NEW Creative Children’s Portrait Project

In March we launched a NEW Creative Children’s Portrait Project for 2018, ‘Fine Art Kids’ in loving memory of Nancy Mazza Trimboli. Nancy and her family have been part of our Lifeworks family since 2004.

In October last year, just over 2 years from a devastating diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a beautiful family lost an incredible mum, a devoted, loving wife, a much-adored daughter, sister, aunty, cousin and for many of us, a gorgeous friend.

Nancy, was a very special lady, an inspiration to everyone who knew her, she touched my heart in more ways than I can write about. She inspired us immensely with her courage and determination and I am honoured to continue her legacy, by dedicating our special portrait project in Nancy’s memory, with her husband Frank’s blessing.

These 3 beautiful children are Nancy and Frank’s kids…..

Lucy, Suny and Sara put much thought into what they would like to do for their portraits.

Creative Musician Portraits

Lucy, 14 years, was up first, she loves music and is learning the guitar. As a teenager, she loves the idea of being a musician/pop star. Her favourite colour is teal so we used gels on the background to match her guitar colour, she plugged her guitar into her amplifier and instantly transformed into a rock star! The expressions on her face were a joy to behold, she giggled, swung her hair and strummed away, lost in the moment. Lucy’s confident and calm, kind nature shone brightly, she enjoyed her time in the spotlights but her encouragement and supportive words to her siblings whilst they had their photos taken was delightful and did not go unnoticed. Nancy would have been so proud of her beautiful daughter.

 creative childrens portrait


creative musician portrait


Creative Footy Portraits

Suny, 12 years was next up. Footy is his passion and Collingwood his team! He had some ideas and we had some, they blended well together. We loved these photos of Suny looking very strong, powerful and like a Champ!  I had some thoughts of how I would like to finish Suny’s portrait off and they all involved the MCG. I could go on a tour and photograph the empty MCG or…….a few weeks after the photo session was ANZAC day. Traditionally Collingwood plays Essendon on this day and we enjoy attending this match and showing respect for those who have served our Country and those that still do. It is a very moving pre-match ceremony and the only time you will sit in a maximum crowd at the MCG and can hear a pin drop, I noticed only birds chirping and otherwise complete silence until the roar signaling the end of the ceremony and the start of the game.

In the 2nd half as the sun was setting, the sky looked amazing, we were sitting up high in the stands and I had the idea to photograph the “G” from this viewpoint for Suny’s portrait, just as Collingwood kicked a goal! Check out the scoreboard! I loved the shape of the roof encasing the MCG and the drama it would add to Suny’s portrait with a crowded stadium, his action shot and his portrait of a Winner. Collingwood had a great win that day which made this portrait even more special. Nancy was an avid Collingwood supporter, she would very much approve.


creative childrens portrait



Creative Dance Portraits

Sara, 10 years, sat patiently waiting her turn, I think planning her moves, ready to stun us…..and that she did! She is a beautiful Dancer. For the next hour, she perfectly performed a routine of arabesque, jeté, piroutté, and more of which I have had to research in a glossary!

How divine are these portraits capturing Sara in the most perfect of angles, stretched to the limits, yet elegant and weightless. More giggles ensued and more splits and leaps, with more poise than thought imaginable of someone so young. Her beautiful Dance outfit was a perfect choice, with all her movements it fell beautifully with elegant modesty. You can tell Sara is passionate about Dance, the BW image at the bottom of the blog was an incredible moment captured, that definitive split second of perfection as she leaped, arched and nailed it! It is currently at the framer to adorn their walls. As we were finishing up, we asked Sara to lie on the floor, she wistfully gazed into my lens, it took my breath, I felt I was looking into her mother’s eyes. Nancy would have enjoyed this so much.


creative childrens portrait


creative portrait dance


Whilst we were photographing Frank had to take a phone call and was outside, he told me later that listening to the kids having such a great time and hearing them laughing warmed his heart….mine too.




Frank and the kids are so touched by this project and thank each and every person who has been involved with heartfelt gratitude. 

They gifted me these beautiful flowers at their photo shoot, 20 incredible long stem Black roses because they were Nancy’s favourite, x20 being the significance of each year that Frank and Nancy had been together, and Black and White to acknowledge our shared love of Collingwood FC.


Nancy & Frank


Frank recently shared with me the beautiful Eulogy he wrote for Nancy. At her funeral, I cried through his loving words, reading it again has the same effect, his final paragraph sums up Nancy and her love for her family and defines why Frank and these 3 beautiful children are so special.

“ Nancy might have lost her battle with MND, but she’s won the war. MND never defined her, she reinvented it with her strong will to live. Nancy touched the lives of many – to her friends and relatives, Nancy will be remembered as a vibrant soul, one who lit up the room whenever she entered. But for us, most of all, Nancy was the best wife and mother who would always go above and beyond to make sure we were loved and cared for. In all of this world, there is no heart for me like Nancy’s, and in all of this world, there is no love for me or the kids that is like hers.

A super woman. A super wife and a super mum. “


A huge THANK YOU to those who have already booked in their “Fine Art Kids” sessions, we have loved creating your children’s portraits!

We have plenty more sessions available and some stunning portraits to share with you in our other Blogs.

For your own Creative Children’s Portrait (in Melbourne) Contact us today!

For all who would love to be involved in ‘Fine Art Kids’, we wish to donate our usual session fees for this project to support the fight to cure MND.  How do you do this………Nancy’s husband Frank is taking part in RunMelbourne2018 and has challenged himself to run 10km on the 29th of July, please click the link below. If it is now after this date we are still taking booking. Donation will be made directly to Lifeworks Photography and then passed on to MND.

We ask that you directly sponsor and support Frank in his run and to help him reach or surpass his goal by donating $100 for your first child or $150 if you have 2 or more children. You may donate more if you wish.  This generous donation will go a long way to helping fight for a cure and will confirm your “Fine Art Kids” Portrait session with us at Lifeworks and guarantee your child/children a full page or double spread in our “Fine Art Kids Collection” Book.

What is ‘Fine Art Kids’? It is a Portrait incentive by Lifeworks Photography to create beautiful images of children in a Fine Art style, portraits families will cherish on their walls, whilst creating a way to give back, to make a difference in the lives of others and inspire ourselves on a daily basis. Want to see more …

When you make your donation, via the link below, we ask that you copy this in the comments section  …..  “Best wishes as you run Frank, we are supporting you with Lifeworks ‘Fine Art Kids’ for Nancy”.  (of course, you may write your own sentiments and words of encouragement to Frank)

So fill out this form and or Call us today to get started 9482 2006

*Sessions can be booked throughout 2018 but to support Frank and make a difference, please donate NOW.

**portraits will be available for purchase *** the “Fine Art Kids” book will be available to purchase on completion of the project

If you would like to chat with us please call 9482 2006


Creative b/w portraits

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