Children’s Photography – Recent Photo Session

  • By Julie Ewing

Magical Autumn/Winter session – Children’s Photography in Melbourne

Winter is upon us, the mornings may be crisper and the days cooler,  but there is so much beauty in this season.

We find adults seem to feel the season change more than children.  Children love to laugh and have fun no matter the season. They jump at the opportunity to play outdoors, so with all those cute winter outfits around, don’t let the cooler morning stop you.

We would like to share with you this recent shoot with Olivia (4 years), Dallas (6 months) and their beautiful mum Nikki.  Don’t these kids look angelic in the outfits they have on, we love the complementary colour palette and different fabric textures.  Well done Mum! Their outfits work beautifully with the natural, rustic, colour in our outdoor studio, here in Northcote, Melbourne.

Olivia’s such a great big sister, during the shoot she helped Dallas who is not quite sitting yet to sit up, to feel comfortable so he too could shine for the camera.

How cute are they sharing this time together!

children's Photography - outdoor photo shoot


With a few fun games and some silly dancing, they quickly forgot the temperature and were fully engrossed in the experience, giggling and interacting with us making for beautiful portraits. We make it as fun and quick as possible. The children just loved the whole experience.

Importance of being involved…

We believe it is also important for your children, that you as a parent be involved in the session too.

Your kids love you – just the way you are! Showing that emotional connection in a photograph is truely magical. Both you and your children will treasured them.  Your children will continue to treasure them as they grow older and reminisce.  We worry too much about how we look and it stops us from doing things which truly matter in life.   If you are self-conscious you’re not alone, most adults feel this way, it is the most common “reason to hide” we hear. If it is something that you can push aside for just a few minutes, you will see, that with the direction of professional photographers you will have images that flatter and capture your natural beauty.

Nikki has her children photographed regularly and understands this, she is camera shy, but she places trust in us to capture her in a way that she will love.


“They are absolutely DIVINE! Thank you so very much!!!

I just adore them!!




Children's Photography - outdoor photo session

With a range of positions and camera angles, each session is filled with an abundance of images of your children you will adore.

Our outdoor studio has multiple backdrops designed just for photographing in mind. In a small, secure, outdoor space a multitude of Portraits can be created in a single portrait session.

How long does a normal portrait session take?

Olivia and Dalla’s photo shoot took about an hour. Plus an additional 30 minutes for discussing session styling and ultimate outcome from the session, we also provide the opportunity to view prior work and products available for purchase.

We like to provide a generous amount of time for your photo sessions and viewing/purchasing appointments, as we in no way want you to feel pressured or rushed.

With Dalla’s being only 6 months old, the window of opportunity (child’s attention span) is less than an older child like Olivia. By working in a flexible manner, ensuring that we adapt quickly if a child needs a break or an outfit change, we do this as quickly and stress-free as possible.  Sometimes a change of position or game is just the perfect answer to keeping a child from getting too restless.


children's photography - outdoor photo shoot


We hope you have loved viewing this Autumn/Winter Outdoor session as much as we loved photographing it!

Think you would like something in a similar style of your child/ren,  Contact us.


Rug up and get photographed today.   


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We do have a climate controlled indoor studio also if you just can’t bear the crisp winter air.

Check out some of our other work here.


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