Celebrate all love this Valentine’s Day

  • By Julie Ewing


Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it’s almost upon us.  It’s a day renowned for celebrating ‘romantic love’, with a focus on new couples sharing gifts of chocolates, roses and stuffed toys.  However at Lifeworks Photography, we believe the most important thing to celebrate is LOVE itself, meaning all the love in your life, in whatever form that it comes in.  Here’s some love we think is particularly worth celebrating  (that you probably won’t see advertised in your local jewellery catalogue):


The 10-plus-years-together couple

After the giddy first years of courtship, love settles into something deeper, and let’s face it, something more routine.  It’s important to take the time to remember how far you’ve come together in your journey.  There’s a reason why couples who are celebrating 45+ years together make news – it’s hard, and it’s rare!  Celebrate every year you are together.


The true friend

There’s a familiar adage about it taking a crisis to discover who your real friends are.  It’s a blessing to have a friend, bestie (or relative) who’s stuck by you through thick and thin.  We think that’s a love worth celebrating!


The faithful fuzzy friend

Whether furry, fuzzy, feathered or scaled, pets can be our most faithful friends and companions.  Even the medical community is now recognising the benefits to human health that pets provide, whether it be physical, social, emotional and cognitive.


Families big and small of any combination

The truth is, it only takes two to make a family.  Whether you’re a single parent family or a two parent family with six children – this is the most important and rewarding part of life.  Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with those nearest and dearest.

The yet-to-be introduced

You may not have met yet, but the love for your child starts to grow as your belly does. Knowing that below the surface of your feminine curves and radiating glow, grows a life that will bring such joy, is nothing short of miraculous.   Now that’s worth celebrating!


A special Valentine’s Day offer by Lifeworks Photography

Valentine’s Day is a chance to reflect on the loves in your life and what they mean to you. We think these special moments are worth capturing as memories that will last forever.  To celebrate the great loves in our lives, Lifeworks Photography is offering an extra 25% value on our gift certificates.  For example, gift someone a $400 certificate – you pay $300.  Now that’s worth celebrating also!



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