Beauty Secrets to Look Your Best During Your Photo Shoot

  • By Julie Ewing

Keeping photographs used to be one of the most important ways we preserve memories. On the other hand, in a digitally-driven world, its use has evolved. With social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like, through the use of icons, images have become the faces of our profiles. Moreover, these became a consistent medium of how we send messages across nowadays as these shifted into a door that lets others see a glimpse of our personal lives. Hence, looking your best in photographs has become extremely crucial.

Looking for beauty hacks that will complement your natural beauty? Search no more! With the help of guest blogger Simona Janek, we have prepared a list of beauty secrets that will help you feel more positive in your next photoshoot!

Reduce Skin Texture

Surprisingly, professional cameras have improved a lot that photographs can catch every bit of texture on the skin. To avoid this, make your skin appear smooth and even. Hence, reduce skin texture by applying lightweight foundations and minimizing pores and control oil production by blurring primers.

Use Highlighter and Blush

Heavy contouring can make one’s face appear older. Hence, in emphasising facial features, it is best to make use of a highlighter and blush as alternatives. That way, colours on your skin will appear fresher and more natural, avoiding impressions of ageing.

Bring the Focus on a Matte

A glowy complexion definitely looks impressive in person. However, a camera flash will paint oily skin. To avoid this, leave the glow on the cheeks but go for matte in the middle of your face. With regards to powders, avoid products containing zinc and talc for these minerals will unquestionably reflect light. Also, instead of using too much powder, trust in the delicate touch of blotting sheets.

Make Changes in Your Skincare Routine

This may seem a little different from the usual game, but setting spray and applying translucent powder before the primer, foundation, and concealer is the way to go. By this, your skin will look smoother and will be less prone to appearing shiny.

Use Bold Colours

Bright flashes can take away the colours of your skin. Hence, if your photoshoot will not utilize natural light, it is best to apply bright colours to battle the effects of a camera’s flash.

Amplify Your Lips

Especially if you have thin lips, avoid nude and opaque colours as these can make your lips seem thinner. Hence, settle for bright and glossy lipstick.

Fill in Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows give an impression as these bring out so much character and emotion. The way these are done can make all the difference. Since facial features are prone to looking lighter in photographs, use a pencil that is one shade darker than the colour of your brows. Not only will it highlight the lines above your eyes, but it will also make them look even more natural.

Aim for Brighter Eyes

While most of us use black eyeliner and mascara, why not add colour around your eyes? Instead of the usual monochrome, put on a navy one or brown for a more subtle effect. You can also correct dark circles is a must, experimenting with the colour wheel to help you choose the perfect concealer. If your dark circles give off a blue, purple, or green colour, hide them away with peach, yellow, or red undertones, respectively. With brighter eyes, you will draw attention more quickly!

Also, if your eyes are prone to redness, always bring redness-reducing drops so you can always squeeze a few droplets in each eye before the shoot!

Cover up Spots Effectively

To those who are prone to breakouts, here is a technique to cover your spots while keeping your skin looking natural. Covering a pimple with multiple layers of concealer that you use for the undereye won’t work. This is because it’s usually lighter than your face to brighten the dark circles and this will only highlight your spots. Hence, try a more effective method instead: with a thin brush, take a small amount of matte concealer with a colour closest to your skin and apply it to your spots making sure you blend the edges for a seamless finish. Then, apply some translucent powder to set it all in place for a long-lasting result.

Do you still need more confidence? If the answer is yes, trust in the care of a reputable professional makeup artist, in Melbourne @makeupbymillieo or if in Sydney – professional makeup artist Simona Janek.

They know all the tricks to make you feel all camera-ready! But of course, practice your angles for instantly picture-perfect poses.

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