Adorable 9 month old photos

  • By Julie Ewing

9-month-old – Photo Session

Are you unsure of what kind of portraits you can expect from a 9-month-old Photoshoot?

You know that capturing your child in their first year of life is so important, or you wouldn’t be here!  

Choosing the right photographer and organising a session with a youngster under one can be a daunting thought. Julie at Lifeworks will make it as easy as possible for you, she is highly experienced and great with kids of all ages. Known for quality photos, service, and of course products. This means you know you’re in great hands and are going to get photos of your 9-month old that you will love.  This blog article is here to help you understand what type of images capture your 9-month-old at his/her best!

Your child is doing new things every day, their personalities are really starting to show…

Babies are keen to see what is going on around them and are starting to move in numerous ways, shuffling, crawling, commando….some are quite unique in their style of movement!   This age makes for a really fast and fun session!

9 months old is an adorable age to be photographed!


Your little 9 month old is now able to view the world in full colour, their ability to focus on objects further away is more obvious as they will follow a parent or sibling with their loving gaze!


Things like seeing themselves in a mirror are likely to delight them at this age, their honest reactions to their own reflections are always adorable to watch and capture.


9 months photos looking into a mirror in black and white

9 months photos looking into mirror

A child being able to sit up comfortably by themselves is something that can happen any time usually between 6 – 11 months of age, so don’t stress if your child is not yet at this stage, lots of angles are great at 9 months. Some children are pulling themselves up on furniture and are able to stand for a short while, every child’s development is different and that is normal.

Professional baby photography of a 9 month year old

If you have your heart set on mostly unassisted sitting shots, I advise if your baby is not yet sitting up comfortably by themselves it may be best to wait a few extra weeks/months until that is possible. If your child is only in the first week of mastering sitting up or standing, they will be using a large amount of concentration to balance and won’t be as relaxed and expressive as they could be.

Even when a child has been sitting/standing for sometime unassisted I always make sure I photograph in a safe environment with a parent close to the child at all times.


Photos 9 month old


Your 9-month-old is likely to be most comfortable in a warm pre-heated studio, by changing backdrops, props and outfits this can really change the feel within the photos.  Many of the props you have seen in these images are owned by Lifeworks Photography and are available during a Lifeworks Portrait Session.



If you have a few favourite outfits you would love your baby photographed in, this is a fantastic age to do this (keeping in mind they will not tolerate too many changes).  We still photograph many babies of this age nude, or perhaps with cute nappy covers on, you are welcome to bring any favourite items that you would like your baby to be photographed with, perhaps a favourite teddy, toy etc.


Photos 9 month old


At Lifeworks Photography, we have some very special Watchmegrow® album options, this ensures you capture every stage of your child’s development. We encourage you to include the whole family in your portrait session as well.  Having up-to-date family portraits are important.  It may be that you want it to be a smaller aspect of a child’s session, we can add siblings into a few photos at the end of the shoot or the session could be designed more around capturing some really fun, interactive pictures of all the family with a few individuals of each child to finish up.



Every photo session is unique and designed to cover exactly what you are wanting.


children outdoor photo shot


Children can be photographed at any age, there is not one perfect age. Every day is special and a perfect moment is just about to happen!

I hope that this helpful about what to expect when having your 9-month-old photographed. I would love to hear from you with any other questions you may have regarding a photo session with. Lifeworks photography has been operating since 1992 and is based in Northcote, Melbourne.

To find out more and see more of our work, please visit our kids galleries  or phone me on 9482 2006.

I hope to capture this very special age for you soon, 


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