A Gorgeous Lifeworks Pregnancy session

  • By Julie Ewing

Pregnancy is one of those most precious times in a woman’s life, nine months to grow a little human that you are set to love for life.

For some, pregnancy happens easily, for some by mistake, for others after years of trying and perhaps intervention, and sadly for some, it will not happen.


Today we celebrate this pregnancy.

I recently met Ranya and K, expecting their first child very soon.

Prior to their photo session, Ranya sent me some photos of them both which was wonderful, as it gave me a heads up of what they looked like and to pre-plan some ideas for them.

What I wasn’t prepared for when I met them was their beauty, seriously, they were both LOVED by my camera. (and me).

Ranya booked @makeupbymillieo, our in-house MUA, to have her makeup done before her session. She had also had a gorgeous blow-wave so her hair shone and formed gorgeous curls.

Millie did a stunning soft glamour makeup and Ranya’s face came alive. She is a stunning mix of Beyonce and J Lo, of Egyptian heritage, she looked so beautiful in front of my camera.


I had a few pre-planned ideas up my sleeve, some new pregnancy dresses and accessories had arrived I was keen to use and as we photographed other ideas came to mind. We had a fun, creative afternoon and Ranya and K were amazing, following my directions and enjoying the session.


Now men can get a little hangry and fortunately, Ranya knew K well and had packed snacks for him, so between changes whilst I set up, they could relax and nibble. This is important often, for kids, men, breastfeeding mums etc, when sessions may run a little longer than usual and hunger sets in. With so many allergies and also COVID, I do not like to offer food, as this is a responsibility that brings in so many other rules and restrictions.


We started with a flouncy, cascading and fabulous pink tulle dress I purchased from a German Designer, it’s gloriously feminine, teamed with a pink floral backdrop from the States, the fan blowing, K’s favourite African Beats playing, and viola…..this was the moment I felt I had Beyonce in the Studio!

Ranya totally rocked this gown and looked empowered and strong whilst super elegant and stunning.





We switched to Boho next with a beautifully soft and flattering grey silk embroidered kaftan on a soft grey backdrop. I love how this ultra-feminine dress falls so softly and looks amazing on everyone who has worn it. Such a flattering style to hide backs, arms, thighs and bottoms, all of those areas women always worry about, usually unnecessarily.




Ranya loved my nude silhouette portraits, and hoped to have some portraits in this style but was concerned about her back and breasts being visible. I had recently received this amazing jewelled shawl and was so keen to try it out…and WOW! It falls so amazingly perfectly in all the right spots, whilst revealing all the right areas to perfection. I absolutely LOVE these silhouette images we created together.



K wanted to hold Ranya’s belly to connect with their unborn baby, this moment was so tender and melted my heart.



I love the strength BW gives to these images, they are gorgeous in colour also, but BW adds a timelessness to them.



Ranya told me she loves green, I remembered I had a gorgeous new moss green dress from the US. I have had a red version of this for many years, and recently added this green and a navy version to my collection. She wasn’t sure about the figure-hugging nature of it, saying it would show every bump she didn’t wish to reveal. This photo has had NO retouching of her figure at all! STUNNING I hear you say, what an amazing figure, it suits everyone I have put it on, the drape, fit and style is incredible. The sleeves are so flattering as is the sweetheart neckline and gorgeous fishtail skirt. Another favourite was added to the list!

I had this beautiful canvas backdrop painted many years ago by Archie Cohen, an artist and incredible set painter. It has been lovingly used for many years and never gets old. It is a collector's piece.



I have increased my collection of gowns considerably over the past year….too much time in lockdown online shopping! LOL, But, it makes shoots more fun and exciting for me also, bringing together creative ideas, seeing beauty unfold in front of my eyes! Making women feel beautiful, providing an everlasting memory of their pregnancy, having fun and of course including their partners and any other children.


I had also purchased this Blue Tulle two-piece recently, (I also have it in a very unusual yellow -waiting for the right person/skin tone for that one) and just love how beautiful it also looked on Ranya, she couldn’t look bad in anything…seriously!



I was saving for my finale a gown Ranya wasn’t sure she wanted to wear and didn’t think it would suit her. I will let you be the judge.

I also popped into the background a new canvas piece I hadn’t used yet that I thought would work well.

K was hidden at the side as my secret weapon for the final image…..what a star he was whilst my camera was set on motor drive and rapidly fired off frames as the fabric floated down to perfection.


Thank you to Ranya and K for being superb subjects to photograph, for allowing me to encourage you into clothes (or out of them), to try some different things and let me have a creative licence to do as I pleased. We all had a lot of fun over the 3-hour session, somewhat longer than a usual session, I am sure you very much need to put your feet up that night Ranya and slept well.


I will leave you with our curtain call finale and WOW.




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